Ever since the introduction of electric blankets for home comfort, they have done several things for consumers:

  • Added warmth, making cold winter nights more enjoyable
  • Injured many people by igniting fires in bed
  • Caused inestimable property damage through house fires
Injury from electric blanket fire

Electric blanket fires can cause serious damage or death to you or a loved one. If you have been in an electric blanket fire accident please contact us immediately at (720) 420-9800.

Using electricity to heat a blanket is impossible to do without creating a fire hazard, despite the design of numerous safety features and warning labels about safe usage. We have handled many cases involving electric blanket fires, giving victims and their families the opportunity to obtain compensation for their injuries, pay for the full range of their recovery costs, and move on with their lives. If you have suffered burns, house fires, or other damages due to the malfunction of an electric blanket or heating pad, call us at (720) 420-9800 or email to find out what we can do to get you help.

How Electric Blanket Fires Start

The basic cause of most fires associated with electric blankets is sparking from the electrical components. More specifically, the following malfunctions can occur:

  • The wires inside the material become frayed or broken, allowing heat to ignite the material of the blanket itself
  • The temperature control device wears out and fails, allowing temperature to get too hot and burn the victim
  • The plug, control device, or connection to the blanket becomes damaged and creates sparks, which can easily start a fire

These hazards grow with age—that is, an older blanket or heating pad is generally more likely to start a fire than a newer one. If you can tell that an electric blanket is not functioning correctly, it is critical to discard it immediately. However, due to manufacturer error and product defects, even a brand new product can start a fire if the conditions are right.

Responding to Blanket and Heating Pad Fires

The aftermath of a fire caused by an electric blanket is obviously extremely trying for the family involved. Even while dealing with immediate critical medical needs, finding temporary living space, and recovering emotionally from the trauma of the fire, your chances of winning compensation for the accident are slipping away. By obtaining legal help from a personal injury lawyer right away, you can give him the best possible chance to:

  • Identify the heating pad or electric blanket as the sole cause of the fire
  • Collect evidence to support your case against the product’s manufacturer
  • Follow all paperwork requirements to ensure a speedy, simple legal process
  • Negotiate with insurance companies for a settlement that will meet your needs
  • Close loopholes that could allow the manufacturer to avoid paying you a fair amount

It takes great legal expertise and a thorough knowledge of product liability law to navigate these complex topics. If you have lost property, suffered injury, or even experienced the tragic death of a loved one in a fire caused by a heating pad or electric blanket, you don’t have to recover alone. Let us put our expertise to work on your behalf and get you the payment you deserve. Call us at (720) 420-9800 or email today.